Publications using MURC

So far, there’s only one paper on using MURC, and it is

Olcum S; Cermak N; Wasserman SC; Manalis SR. 2015. High-speed multiple-mode mass-sensing resolves dynamic nanoscale mass distributions. Nature Communications 6 (7070). doi:10.1038/ncomms8070.

In this paper we used MURC to drive four modes of a single cantilever resonator in closed loop with 100 Hz+ bandwidths. We also showed a model for the PLL-resonator feedback loop that predicts the system dynamics – specifically thinking of the system input as the resonator resonant frequency, and the output as the measured frequency. If we know the frequency and quality factor for a resonance, this model allows us to come up with PLL settings such that the PLL-resonator system has the desired dynamics – in our case, a first-order response with a specified bandwidth.


Please let us know if you use MURC in your published work! We appreciate feedback.

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