My new go-to for cheap PCBs: Seeed studio

Full disclosure: Seeed studio emailed me and said I'd get a $30 coupon if I wrote a review of my experience ordering PCBs from them. Edit: May 3, 2017 - they have since delivered on this promise, so I've got $30 to spend on new boards! Sweet. Definitely my new source for pcb manufacturing.

First off, I usually order 2-layer boards, and I'm not pushing the fab limits at all (usually my minimum clearance and trace widths are both >12 mil). My bottom line is price, since I pay for the stuff myself, and I'm a postdoc (hence I'm not rich).

In the past, I've ordered PCBs from Sunstone and Advanced Circuits (4PCB). Mostly, I care about price. At advanced circuits, for $33 I can get a seemingly arbitrarily large 2-layer board (only available to students, otherwise the minimum order quantity is 4), but if I tile a small PCB so that I can get 10 small PCBs for the price of one, then they slap on a $50 array fee. And then there's shipping (which for some reason is always really expensive, like >$20) so the minimum cost is about $50 for a single PCB. Sunstone used to be significantly more expensive, but I recently ordered some boards there for around $50 each.  So, similarly priced.

Recently, a friend of mine told me about Seeed studio. They are fantastically priced - I bought ten 2.2-square-inch boards (2-layer) for $15 there (plus an $18 shipping fee).

I received the board 9 days after ordering - comparable to sunstone and advanced circuits. Quality-wise they're clearly a little bit below sunstone and advanced circuits, as there are minor misalignments in the silkscreen and the soldermask. But so far as I can tell with my first batch, totally functional. Definitely will order again (and update this post if I find any further issues!)