things I would like to remember if/when I run a lab

I should offer my students the option to be corresponding authors on their papers. Similarly, I should seriously consider what my role was in the project and therefore whether I should be on the paper in the first place. I should strive to feel like I always deserve that spot and was doing more than contributing money and lab space.

If I have favorites, I should not treat them any differently than anyone else in the lab. I should celebrate all accomplishments as much as reasonably possible.

I should meet regularly with students and try to understand their goals and aspirations beyond their time in the lab.

I should give students an opportunity to provide honest feedback on how I am doing. This is not easy, but some PIs have had success with 6-month reviews.

I should encourage all my students to think about how to work on projects with the maximal possible impact, subject to the time constraints they have.

I should remind students that publications are not the only currency of value, and indeed are a very volatile and unreliable currency. However, unreported results are of no value to no one.

(inspired in part by many discussions with M. Datta)