8tracks mixes i dig

tycho live at KEXP - eh, this is youtube, not 8tracks, but i'll put it here anyhow. it's awesome.

good times hip hop - not sure how you couldn't like this. title is accurate.

those nights - bunch of electronic stuff i'd never heard before

keepsake - reaaaaaallly diggin the beats here on a friday afternoon.

classy revsion

from 2012

party mixology

beat cave vol 2 - totally into this one, and it's pretty diverse, from schlomo to flosstradamus

flowing loops

i made this when i was high

east coast kids - rockin

im feeling glitchy - uhhh.. glitchy?

get to work (extended) - first mix i fell in love with on 8tracks.

alt country, beautiful warbling and rock'n'roll

blunted beats - dilla and everything in the vicinity

Sunday morning - cant lie, only listened to the first track when i added this to the list, but i'm sure i'm not going to regret putting it here.

orion - slow and relaxing

until the devil knows you're dead