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Understanding the computations and memories of single neurons in vivo - with Jackie Schiller

[past research projects]

[hardware and software]

openAutoScope. Hardware (rails, optics, PCBs)and software (C/Arduino, Labview) to build a fully automated low-magnification (~4x) brightfield/fluorescence microscope for about $3000. Uses hardware predominantly from Thorlabs and OpenBuilds. Software, while general, is somewhat tailored towards tracking small organisms, especially C. elegans.

StimMatrixRBG.WP. Hardware and software for rapid RGB optical stimulation of the contents of a 96-well plate.

MURC - the multi-resonance controller. FPGA and computer software (Verilog, C, and Labview) for measuring the resonant properties of arrays of resonators.

R code for ranked assignment problem - finding not just the top solution but the n top solutions of a assignment problem, also known as the optimal matching, minimal cost bipartite matching, or linear summed assignment problem (LSAP). The original algorithm (Murty's ranked LSAP algorithm) is described here.

sigMan - software for the analysis of time-dependent signals, especially electropherograms.

CRTmod - A modified version of the CRISPR Recognition Tool (CRT), originally from here. License is public domain.


[academic interests]

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